What did it mean when Julianna said, 'Not my duck, not my bottle?'

July 19, 2018

Have you seen Dietland on AMC? It's a fun, far from ground-breaking new show and while it's no Big Little Lies I can't seem to tear myself away. It marks Julianna Margulies first foray back into television since The Good Wife (which I adored and still miss by the way) so I wanted to check it out.

Our heroine struggles deeply with her self-image while working for a bad boss and trying to find herself in the big city. But it's also a murder-mystery involving a group of women who are sick of being mistreated and aren't gonna take it anymore. I find that to be an especially interesting twist in the post #MeToo world we're living in. Also, a very sexy Campbell Scott dips in and out of the show -- I wish he was more involved in the storyline and perhaps he will be in later episodes.

Julianna Margulies plays the kind of boss you hope you never have and I swear I've met many versions of this woman while living and working in NYC. And I'm so glad I don't know them anymore!

In a recent episode Julianna's character, Kitty Montgomery, shares a gem of a story. If you are the kind of person who knows the answers to your friends problems long before they do, OR have a tendency to take on others problems as if they are yours, you will love it.

Someone asks her to do something and she says, 'Not my duck, not my bottle,' and this was her explanation.

A monk gives his disciple a live duck in a glass bottle. Monk goes away, comes back. The disciple's in despair. He can't do it.

Monk goes away. Comes back. The duck is still in the bottle. The disciple wants to die. Monk goes away, comes back.

This time the disciple is full of joy. Dancing, singing. Monk sees duck is still in bottle. He says, "What have you learned, son?" Disciple says, "Not my duck, not my bottle.

Have you ever heard this before? It seems like we should have, but for me it's a first and I think it's genius. I like it so much I'm tempted to use it in a sentence everyday until my husband is thoroughly annoyed.