I made a pizza last night that was good it'll make you cry

February 13, 2019

In fact, it was so good there was only one piece leftover. My piece -- my husband ate all of his and I was full. You know that feeling in the morning when you're so looking forward to a leftover slice of pizza, because you know it's just going to be sublime.

Well, that didn't happen because someone beat me to it and I'm still bitter about it.

Here's what was so great about this pizza:

  • fresh buffalo milk mozzerella
  • shredded gruyere
  • portobello mushrooms
  • prosciutto, and
  • homemade pesto (instead of tomato sauce)

A completely winning combination and I also made a grain-free crust with cassava and almond flours because our tummies like digesting that better than wheat flour. Of course, I've made good pizza at home before but this one was absolutely incredible.

And all I have left now is a photo of my missing breakfast. Bitter, table for 1 please.