Here's the proof Kate Beckinsale is super human. No one you know would ever stretch like this

October 14, 2019

David Buchan/Getty Images


Watching this particular stretching routing might make you feel actual physical pain, or perhaps nausea. That would all be normal.

Regular humans are no where near this flexible and I suspect it's a talent Kate Beckinsale has had ever since she was a wee tyke. Even so, it's clear she is serious about taking care of herself and she's been very honest about the fact that working out is not the thing she loves. And sometimes she's gotta get up at 4am to do it. If you follow her on Insta you know she's consistent.

It doesn't make it any less difficult for us stiffs to watch this video, though.

Most of us would be happy just to get rid of lower back pain but this is seriously next level. So maybe there is hope for our tired backs. If we were just as consistent, we'd feel better right?

By the way, you know she's 46 don't you. No more exuses. Let's get inspired and go after our own physical goals.