The cutest thing you'll see today is a baby goat kissing Kate right on the lips.

July 30, 2018

Baby goats could not be cuter. If you've never had the chance to play with one you're really missing out. I don't know who started the goat yoga classes but I'd love to find out because I think it's pure genius. And I'm not the only one.

Kate Beckinsale turned 45 years old over the weekend and part of the celebration included some private goat yoga for her and the family.

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I love that she and her ex-husband, Michael Sheen, get along so well. He's a game guy and he'll demonstrate that just a bit later on this page. But first look at this adorable birthday kiss. I dare you to watch and not crack a smile.

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Is that adorable or what?!! The slo-mo really gives it a special quality and I love that she didn't let go of the treat right away, but held on for a bit to get a really good goat kiss. Kate's insta always has something hilarious to break up your day and that's why she's one of the only 2 famous people I follow.

Now, do you think you could get your ex-husband to dress up in a giant custom cat costume that resembles your pet almost exactly? Because Kate got hers to do it and the result was hysterical.

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See what I mean about Michael being a game guy? Don't you just love her enthusiasm and how she takes the whole thing so seriously. I would have dissolved into a laugh puddle on the floor way before this get-up was even halfway on.