Kate Beckinsale dating Pete Davidson proves this one thing about women

March 5, 2019

She's 20 years older than him but that's not the most interesting thing about this fledgling relationship.

Kate Beckinsale dated 23 year-old actor/comedian Matt Rife last year and they were spotted out as recently as September. Someone asked Matt what dating advice he had for Pete Davidson and he said, "Man to man....run." But he really seemed to be joking.

These two are not what you'd call a handsome couple and this kiss from the other night made stomachs churn the world over with a resolute, Ew!

Pete Davidson looks a fair bit like young Michael Sheen and Kate was married to him for 8 years. Schmoogle it and you'll see. But the one immutable truth that most men will never understand when they see a gorgeous woman with a perhaps less than gorgeous date is this: Chicks dig funny.

Speaking as a chick, I can verify that this is true. Funny can make all the difference in a conversation and even if you're not sure you are attracted, funny will get you a second look. Which can turn into lots more. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost come to mind.