This is why Fox black listed Keanu for more than a decade

April 15, 2019

Photo by Christopher Jue/Getty Images


"Movie jail is real." And Keanu Reeves ought to know because he was in it. After the success of Speed with Sandra Bullock, Fox wanted him to do Speed 2. But Keanu said no so he could do a play and he didn't do a film with them for the next 14 years.

Now I know what you're thinking --- would Speed 2 have been a success if Keanu had reprised his role instead of the studio casting Jason Patric? Nah. That wasn't a good movie. And I'm sure he doesn't regret his decision to play Hamlet instead. His career has turned out pretty great in spite of Fox acting like a mean girl. From Bill & Ted to The Matrix to Sweet November to The Lake House and, of course, John Wick. John Wick 3 opens next month and most of us can't wait.

The whole interview he gives in GQ is really a fun read. And watching him talk about what might be his favorite hobby is kind of adorable. He's geekily passionate about motorcycles and you'll hear it in his voice.

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