Kelly says this is what 'SUPER DUPER SUCKS' about recovering from her appendectomy

May 6, 2019

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Image


Turns out Kelly Clarkson had been suffering from appendicitis the whole week leading up to her hosting the Billboard Music Awards. And after she was done, she flew home to have it removed immediately at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. It sounds really shocking because a burst appendix is a very serious thing and nobody wants it to get to that stage. But if your situation isn't urgent you may have some options.

When I was little my father told me (in a very matter-of-fact-fashion) the story of his appendix removal at age 19. The doctor diagnosed him and said come back when the pain gets really bad and you can feel it going down to the leg and we'll take it out. So a few weeks later my dad got back on the bus from his village to Jerusalem and had his surgery.

Kelly's surgery went well but the thing she really can't take is being still and being medicated. Who could blame her?