Kelly Ripa's advice on when to get your child a phone is a game changer

August 15, 2019

Rick Odell/Getty Images


Kelly Ripa is speaking from solid experience on this one so if you're wondering when to get your child a phone, you need to hear what Kelly has to say.

Her advice is sound; she says you should hold off for as long as you can because once they get that phone, their grades will go down. And here's why:

"The phone becomes like, the parent, the best friend, the social engagement and now....everybody's self worth is wrapped up in the Gram and Snapchat. So you just have to monitor it and I would say hold off for as long as possible because don't let your kids tell you that it's in case of an emergency -- it has hit the fan in our house and I cannot reach my child on that phone that is constantly in her hand!"

You can hear the full discussion below, just skip ahead to the 2:05 mark.

Between you and me, if I'd had the opportunity to secretly alter my prom dress so that it was sexier my mother would have said, 'No prom for you!' Jus' sayin'.