Last Night Was Weird Cuz Everyone Who Watched The Walking Dead Lost Their Minds

Were You One of Them?

October 24, 2016

I am apparently one of the 3 people on planet Earth who does not watch the show, so I'm not invested. Except that I couldn't help noticing on Twitter last night that people everywhere were completely freaking out:

I have never seen anything like this. People are feeling betrayed, disgusted, bewildered, manipulated, shocked and generally unsatisfied. One of my friends said he's sorry he ever started watching. The last time an audience was this angry it was because they watched every episode of LOST thinking they were going to finally get some answers at the end. Another friend was furious that she checked her Twitter before making it home to her DVR and the whole show was spoiled for her.

From the looks of it, the season premiere of The Walking Dead will be discussed in therapy sessions nation-wide this week.