The lift that's too sexy for the Olympics

February 14, 2018

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are on track to become as legendary as Torvill and Dean. If you haven't seen what they can do on the ice, you really must. It's extraordinary. Their timing and synchronicity is impressive, their choice in music unexpected and their creativity on the ice is innovative -- just like the legends. They are from Canada and they won the national chamionship with a program they'll repeat at the Olympics, except for the super sexy lift right around the 2:15 mark.

Pretty breathtaking, right. It's magical to watch. And that lift! What a feat. Now they didn't come out and say it was too sexy for the Olympics, just that they wanted to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. They performed this program the other night and took the team gold for Canada and yes, they did alter it just enough to tone it down. Compare that performance to the legends when they were at their best in Sarajevo in 1984 where they took gold.


Now you see what I mean. These two couples are cut from the same cloth, decades apart. Also, just like Torvil and Dean, Tessa and Scott say they are not a couple. Not since a chilhood romance they had when they were aged 7 and 9. Moir had a girlfriend in 2014 (yes, girlfriend) and he said having an outside relationship was "tough." Jane Torvill has famously said she and Chris couldn't have skated together if they had slept together. Though, it's worth noting that 5 years ago Torvill and Dean did confess to a bit of a romantic 'dabble' when they were young.

Leave it to Piers Morgan to weasle it out of them! I love how you can see in Chris' eyes that he's holding something back while he figures out if, after all these years, he's finally going to say something. We're all suckers for a happy ending so, of course, the internet does not want to believe that Tessa and Scott are not involved.