Who's the celeb that's granted more wishes for Make-A-Wish than any other famous person in history?

November 7, 2019

John Sciulli/Getty Images


It's obviously someone who's a hunk-ahunk-a burnin' love. You can tell that without looking at his face for sure.

And the answer is professional wrestler, John Cena. Surprised? Wait until you read what he says about the experience of granting children's wishes, you're gonna wish you could hang out with him, too.

“My first Make-A-Wish ... I think the person wanted to meet another superstar. But the WWE does a great job of like, ‘Hey, there’s a Make-A-Wish kid in this room. Can you come say hello?’ So, we’re shuttled in and said my hellos and took my pictures and then left. And they’re like, ‘Thank you, Make-A-Wish thanks you.’ I was like, ‘What is Make-A-Wish?'

I said, ‘If you ever need me for this ever, I don’t care what I’m doing, I will drop what I’m doing and be involved because I think that’s the coolest thing. We’ve all experienced that joy of giving a gift for the holidays where you just nail it — that’s the same gift I get in giving back to people’s lives, in being able to give them wonderful emotional moments. The fact that I essentially play dress up for a living and can still be a force in providing hope and happiness for children and families? That’s extra, extra special.... I learned from every single child I meet and their families as well. It’s incredibly rewarding.

If you were given one wish, what would you do with it? I don’t know if ‘Hang out with John Cena’ would be at the top of my list. But the fact that that is on someone’s list is the coolest thing. So, I approach it with that attitude — like this is fantastic, let’s make this wonderful.” -People Magazine

What an absolute, Sweet Pea. It's mind blowing how ernest he is on the subject. He's now also the most requested celebrity at Make-A-Wish.