Here's why people think Meghan is already be pregnant with baby no. 2

November 11, 2019

WPA Pool/Getty Images


Meghan gave birth to baby Archie in early May and as I've seen her in photos over the past few months I figured she was taking time losing the baby weight. And thank goodness! Because with everything new mothers go through, feeling pressure to get their glorious-miracle-creating bodies in pre-baby condition should never be one of them.

But then one of my fave bloggers highlighted more of Meghan's frumpy duds from the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance and I noticed the odd placement of her hand.

Remember please that Meghan is a belly cupper (sometimes an extreme belly cupper). She can't help it and she's not alone. Lots of women instinctively reach for their bellies while pregnant.

So have a look at these photos.

While her hand is not quite belly cupping (she had it resting on her belt) it seems as if that's what she really wants to do. And the photo where she's holding onto her handbag with both hands in front of her midsection is something else she used to do while pregnant.

Couple this with Harry's comments and questions about how a second baby changes the dynamic and I think they have some very good news to announce in the New Year!