Meghan went to a wedding and made sure not to upstage the bride by wearing this.

June 18, 2018

She's the one everyone is talking about in this moment. So, how does she attend a wedding without upstaging the bride in that svelt little figure of hers? By wearing this:

I know, right. If you want to see what this dress is supposed to look like click here. The dress is not altogether unattactive, but it doesn't fit and hangs off her as if it's at least 2 sized too big. Clearly meant to be a modest perhaps even romantic choice, but they went overboard.

I appreciate that Meghan Markle took pains not to compete for attention with the bride, very thoughtful. But some might say she stole her thunder anyway wearing something that seems out of character for her and doesn't even fit.

Growing up I was so lucky to have a mother who sews beautifully. She made most of my formal dresses and, of course, my wedding dress. So I learned early on that the one thing clothes have to do to represent you well, is fit. There's no getting around it. If it doesn't, take it off. If you LOVE it and it doesn't fit, take it off. That's the thing.

The little fascinator on her head isn't doing her any favors either, but no one gets it right every time. But, we can all adore her for wanting the bride to feel like there was no contest. Because you know deep inside in that insecure place we all have, she probably was a little worried.

She needn't have been though. Look how gorgeous she looks in the same tiara Diana wore on her wedding day.