Meghan's protection officer scolds Wimbledon fan for taking a selfie near 'Princess Privacy'

July 9, 2019

WPA Pool/Getty Images


The officer clearly thought the man was trying to photograph Meghan. And those around her had been asked to please refrain from taking her picture as she was there to enjoy the day in a private capacity.

The really funny thing is that this guy wasn't interested in her; he was taking a selfie and focused on the wonderful Wimbledon goings on behind him! Look close and you'll see.

As for one day being a public royal and the next being a private person, I don't buy it. You can't be a little bit pregant and this, too, is an all or nothing situation. I'm sure it's difficult to constantly be in the public spotlight but that is what she signed on for. A life in public service isn't for everyone and that's one of the reasons.