Double Standard: "When John Goodman was heavier, did anybody talk about his girth?"

January 30, 2019

No, not once. Because there is a list of  questions the press will never ask a man, but will ask a woman again, and again, and again. And it's all about the 'W' word.

Weight. If an actress is a normal size, like the rest of America, it's erroneously viewed as a legitimate issue to focus on and discuss. If this has always annoyed you, you're going to love Melissa McCarthy's interview in Instyle. Over the years she's heard it all. A reporter during a large panel interivew actually asked her why 'she always felt the need to be so grotesque.' Unbelievable.

On another occasion she experienced this anecdote and I love that she reveals the douche who asked her the question without saying his name.

“I do remember another interview I did for Bridesmaids with somebody who later lost his job for a conversation he had on a bus with someone else. I won’t mention names, but just think about it. He kept asking, “Are you shocked that you actually work in this business at your tremendous size?” He was like, “Oh, your tremendous size, you can actually work?” I just remember all the blood drained out of me. I thought, “With my tremendous size, I could tackle you so quickly.” There were two cameras on him, and one was on me, and he went back to that question three or four times, and I just kept talking about the script or how fun Paul Feig was. He was looking around like, “She’s crazy.” When we left, their producer was horrified and said, “We’ll never play what he said. I’m so sorry.” But it happens all the time, to the point where it’s fascinating because they don’t do it to men. Not to be a jerk or single him out, but when John Goodman was heavier, did anybody ever talk about his girth?"

The whole article is really terrific and will inspire you in many ways, especially if you've been striving for something that's been elusive for a while. Plus, she looks totally fierce.

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