Minnie Driver's son is making a killing off the family swear jar

April 8, 2019

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images


The swear jar was actually her son Henry's idea. Minnie admits that she has a potty mouth and her clever son saw it would be a great way for him to make some easy money.

I think where she went wrong was pricing the really bad words (aka, the really fun ones) so high. Those are $5 each! And lesser words are $1 each.

In my opinion, lesser words should be 25 cents and really bad ones $1. But her adorable son probably talked her into it. He's really got personality plus, in a good way.

For a long time Minnie kept the name of her son's father a secret but then in 2012 she revealed that he was a writer on the show The Riches (which I've never seen but heard is good). Anyway, sounds like he's not terribly involved.