This is the moment that caught everyone off guard, making Kelly cry last night on The Voice

March 13, 2018

People's excitement for this season of the voice seems to get higher and higher with each episode of the blind auditions. And Kelly Clarkson is the biggest reason why.

She brings a joy and energy to the show that we have apparently all been craving. And last night she moved us to tears right along with her when a contestant on the show surprised all of the judges by performing one of Kelly's songs:

It takes a lot of confidence to perform a song in front the writer and performer who made it famous and she totally did it justice! You can see the torture on Kelly's face: she wants Stephanie on the show, just not really on her team. It wasn't a perfect performance (sometimes it's hard to understand her words, right) but it was very moving and you can't help feel relieved along with Kelly when Adam hits his buzzer. Here's Kelly singing the same song while very pregnant.

When you think about it, it's amazing she didn't break down completely and managed to finish the song with as few emotional interruptions. She's about 8 months pregnant with hormones surging through her body! Pretty fierce.

If you're not normally into The Voice, watch an episode from this season. Fair warning though: you're likely to get hooked.