My Extra Special (& Super Easy) Frozen Margarita Recipe!

Just in time for the Holidays.

December 22, 2017

You might not immediately think to serve frozen margaritas at your holiday party, but you should. People love 'em. They're sweet and tart, very refreshing and since they kind of look like snow they're a fun holiday treat.

And it's not complicated to make a truly delicious margarita. No need to fret over choosing the powder mixer over the liquids or stressing out over squeezing fresh limes and making your own simple syrup. Ugh. Just go to the grocery store and get yourself one of the small frozen cans of Minute Maid Limeade. If you can only find the 12oz size get that, but the smaller ones are more convenient.

- Empty entire 6 oz can in the blender

- Fill can with your choice of tequila and add to blender (I'm partial to Patron, but there are so many good ones to choose from)

- Then fill can halfway with Triple Sec or Grand Marnier (I fluctuate between the two so it depends on which you prefer)

- Fill blender with ice and hit the switch.

Voilà! Super fancy blenders of the Vitamix or Blendtec variety are NOT required. I have an old Oster and it does the trick nicely. But, I do NOT recommend prepping ahead of time and storing in the freezer until guests arrive. It alters the texture. Best to wait until company arrives, make a fresh pitcher and store in the fridge. Now if you really want to keep them icy all night, add a batch to some ice cube trays and freeze before guests arrive. Then drop in some frozen margarita cubes when you serve and even though it's toasty warm inside, they won't melt as fast.

Of course, we, in Texas, think anytime is good time for margaritas, but I've noticed there are many in much colder climates who would agree that margaritas in December is always a good idea.