Can we have a moment for how stunning (& natural) Neve looks on the red carpet

July 11, 2018

At 44 years old Neve Campbell is looking gorgeous. And not just because she has access to the best of everything in Hollywood, but because she's not taking advantage of everything she can access.

Look at these side by side photos and you'll see what I mean. The photo on the right is from 2009.

Are you seeing any fillers? I'm not. I'm also not seeing that super-smooth-candle-wax-looking forehead which has become the telltale sign of botox.Those are her real lips and cheeks and she's beautiful.

Neve is a great reminder in our youth crazed society that it's okay to be a woman who doesn't embrace tweaking the face until you have a hard time recognizing who you're talking to. And have you noticed that younger and younger women are going in for this kind of stuff? I'm talking about thirty-somethings. And the weird thing is, I've never seen it make anyone look younger -- just like they had stuff injected into their lips, or cheeks, or forehead. It so often doesn't look real, making the end result just look like someone's been messing with her face.

Now, to be clear this is a no judgement zone, so you do you. If going to the doc for some fillers makes you feel more confident, you do you. And if you've found someone who is such an artist that no one else can even tell, more power to you. Let's just also remember that choosing not to go is okay, too. And maybe even kind of refreshing at this point.

Here's Neve looking confident and radiant in a golden beaded and fringed gown from Barney Cheng at the New York premiere of Skyscraper. Don't you want to feel how she looks!