Does Nicole ask waiters to bring her only half of everything she orders?

July 3, 2018

If you've ever been to a Weight Watchers meeting you may have heard a diet tip that sounds remarkably similar. When your meal is served immediately ask the waiter for a 'to go' container, place half your meal in the container to take home, and eat what's left. It makes sense when you're at a restaurant where the portions are gigantic. The Olive Garden comes to mind.

I would have no trouble believing this if the source was not Star Magazine (not exactly known for being bastions of truth and honesty) but even so this does sound plausible. 

Nicole Kidman insists on being served only 50% of her food when she’s out to dinner. “No matter what she orders, she asks the waiter to bring only her half of it,” tattles a tipster. “It could be a cup of soup – she’ll still ask to have it cut down. She thinks restaurant portions are way too big, so this helps her avoid overeating.” But don’t expect Nicole to ask for a doggie bag for the rest! “People have asked why she doesn’t just get the whole meal and leave half of it, but she insists that would be wasteful.”

Okay, so half of a cup of soup is a little weird -- let's hope that's an exaggeration. I also don't imagine Nicole spends lots of time at the kinds of restaurants that have massive portions, either. But what I do know to be true is that what one eats has a direct correlation to how lean you are (or can become). Here's a great example from of my favorite ladies to follow on insta.

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Nikki is very open about her diet and exercise schedule. She did a terrific insta-story on leanness and how, particularly around the mid-section, it is all about how much sugar is (or is not) in her diet at any given time. So, yes, she can become "super lean." But she can't also enjoy cake and other sugary treats. In my humble opinion, she looks super lean in every photo, but when she points it out you can see the small changes she's talking about. I love following her because she works hard but is also very much about enjoying life (including cake and prosecco!) and doesn't embrace an all or nothing mentality. 

All that just to say I've no doubt Nicole watches what she eats. She is incredibly slender, and that's in photos and on screen. Imagine how thin she would look if you saw her in person. 



Even so, doesn't she seem more like the sort of person who has learned when to say when? And doesn't need wait staff to help her with portion control by bringing her just the right amount.