One more (important) reason to love you some Benedict Cumberbatch!

May 14, 2018

He's not just a sexy Khan, but a feminist, too. Who knew? In a recent interview Benedict made a strong statement about how his criteria for accepting acting jobs has changed. He's not going to take any job where his female co-star is not paid the same rate. And he wants his fellow actors to follow his example. He said:

“Equal pay and a place at the table are the central tenets of feminism. Look at your quotas. Ask what women are being paid, and say: ‘If she’s not paid the same as the men,

I’m not doing it.’”

Finally! What a breath of fresh air. This is how real change happens. Benedict is also taking things a step further. He owns a production company called SunnyMarch with his partner Adam Ackland and he wants to see their company produce more films with women taking a prominent role. 

 “I’m proud that Adam and I are the only men in our production company. Our next project is a female story with a female lens about motherhood, in a time of environmental disaster.

If it’s centered around my name, to get investors, then we can use that attention for a raft of female projects. Half the audience is female!”

Wow. A guy who gets it. That certainly doesn't happen every day.