The one thing Jimmy Kimmel did so right at the Oscars.

February 27, 2017

Hosting the Oscars is one tough job. I guess that's why no one has ever done it as consistently as Bob Hope, who hosted 19 times! Billy Crystal is not even a close second having hosted just 9 times in comparison. The money's not as high as you would think ($15K for Jimmy Kimmel this year) but the money isn't why you really say yes to this gig.

This was Jimmy Kimmel's first time hosting and I thought he was excellent. He seemed comfortable and relaxed. He improvised well, did a lot of interaction with the audience, told funny jokes and navigated that awkward bus tour bit quite well.

But, the one thing he really got right was dealing with that unexpected curve ball that got thrown in the last few minutes of the broadcast. He deftly handled the deeply uncomfortable moments after it was revealed the wrong name had been announced for Best Picture winner. He was gracious while working to make everyone else feel at ease, just like a good host should.

So kudos to Jimmy! My mom loves his late night show and I've always been a solidly mediocre fan, but this experience has me liking him so much more.