The one thing we can all learn from Fergie

February 20, 2018

If you saw her performance over the weekend you probably thought -- most definitely a 'what was she thinking' moment. You know how sometimes you have an idea and you float it by a friend and they say, 'Yeah, yeah, that'd be great.' But then as you move forward with it and talk to some people who don't love you like your friends do, you get some push back. This has happened to me and thank heavens! Not every creative idea is a good idea. If you saw Fergie perform over the weekend at the NBA All Star game you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Clearly it was a risk, and it didn't pay off. One of the most cringeworthy moments of 2018 and it's only February. People responded pretty much the way you just did.

She tried something that she's supposed to be an expert at, and failed. Good for her. There's tremendous learning in failure. It's painful, but it works. Do we still love Fergie? Yes! I also love that she tried to give it something extra special. And let's not forget that this song is notoriously difficult to sing because of it's wide range of notes. Fergie let everyone know she feels bad about it, too.

This isn't really an apology but I don't know that an apology is needed. She wanted to do a nice job for all of us and I hear her saying she's disappointed in the outcome. It's a great reminder that no matter how good you get at the thing you do, you can still fail. And you probably will at some point -- because perfection does not exist. And in case you need a palate cleanser, here's Whitney Houston at the 1991 Super Bowl. Feel free to skip ahead to 1:15, that's where it really starts. I dare you to watch the whole thing without getting chills.