Quarantine Hair: Brought to You by Justin Trudeau's Casual Push Back

April 21, 2020

Cole Burston/Getty Images


Remember when Regina George said, "Cady, please tell Aaron he looks sexy with his hair pushed back." A very memorable line from Mean Girls and, oddly enough, applies perfectly in this conversation about Justin Trudeau's sexy live hair flip while addressing his nation.

It's rare that a Prime Minister is handsome and rarer still that he's got hair that's flippable. But in these days where we're all self-isolating and no one can get a haircut unless they're prepared to demolish what they've got by doing it themselves, Justin has got himself some flippable locks.

I love the little look back as he's going back inside and the music could not be more perfect! The jeans, the blazer, the hair --- the only thing missing is a cozy couch in front of a romantic fire and a bottle of champagne.