The Sexiest Nerd: Watching Henry Cavill Build His Gaming PC is The Happy You Need Today

July 17, 2020

han myung-gu/getty images


Let's try not to judge because gaming is incredible fun. But.... it's not the sort of thing you expect a bona fine hunk-O-burnin'-love to be concerned with. Not only is Henry Cavill serious about his gaming, he's so into it he built himself a gaming computer and filmed the ENTIRE endeavor so we could all see just how nerdy a total fox can be.

You gotta love how he thinks this content isn't for everyone. I mean, I've shown it to a lot of people and not one of them was like, Why are you sending me this?

Some important things to notice:

  1. Those arms
  2. The probably given to him by his mother curtains
  3. Daylight disappearing into night
  4. Those arms
  5. The number of times he looks at an instruction manual
  6. The music and editing ... he worked as hard on this video as he did on the computer
  7. Those arms!!!!

Oh, and since I know you're wondering he is 37 years old and, clearly, not seeing anyone right now.