Rita Moreno dancing in studded leather on Kimmel. If that's 87, sign me up.

February 4, 2019

From The Electric Company to West Side Story to One Day at a Time, which is now on Netflix. And Rita Moreno is not playing your average grandmother. Her one requirement for accepting the role was that she be 'sexual.' Nice, right?!

She was on Jimmy Kimmel's show talking about her latest role, among other things, and she's just as sharp and quick as she's ever been. She's a living legend and so fun to watch. There are lots of terrific things about this interview, but your favorite might just be her entrance. While you're watching, try to remember that this woman is 87 years old. Maybe age really is just a number.

She reminds me of my mom who's also in her eighties and no on believes it. Remember at last years Oscars when she wore the same dress she wore in 1962 when she won the supporting actress honor for West Side Story. Clearly that's a piece that sparked joy so she held onto it and wore it 56 years later! I think Marie Kondo would totally approve.