Rob Lowe shares his secret to a great night's sleep

May 10, 2018

Did you sleep well last night? Or, did you have trouble falling asleep? Or, maybe you fell asleep okay but then you woke up 4am and no matter how hard you tried to get it back, it was game over. Lots of us have trouble falling asleep and even staying asleep, but Rob Lowe has found his secret to sleeping better. He travels a lot and sleeping away from home can present its own challenges, but not for Rob. He actually sleeps better on the road.

Does your spouse do that? Use a screen while you’re trying to get some Zzz’s. It can be real distracting. I like to fall asleep while watching TV and my husband absolutely hates that. Especially since I tend to choose a show with laugh tracks. So when I’m on my own in a hotel I get excited to watch TV in bed since I never get to do that.

You might sleep better without your spouse, too, but maybe you’re in the Carson Daly Category. Carson says he does sleeps better when he's without his wife, but he prefers to sleep with her.