Would you let your 11 year old daughter cut your hair? Salma Hayek did.

September 24, 2018

If your daughter ever said, 'Will you let me cut your hair, puh-leeeeeeze?!' chances are excellent you replied with a No Way, No How! But not Salma Hayek. 

It would be great to know the back story here, like is this something she's been wanting to do and she finally allowed her since it was her birthday? Does she like to play hairdresser?  Is she fostering an early talent? We have so many questions, right.

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Valentina does a good job of acting like she does this all the time, no? And what's even more amazing to me is that Salma looks as calm as if she's at the spa for a day of pampering.

My mom is a hairdresser and there is no way she would have allowed me to touch her hair. But also, I would have been too scared to even try --- 45 degree angles never felt like my friends in math class.

So, now that you've seen it happening, would you let your kid take sharp scissors to your head of hair?