Selma can't raise her arms to brush her hair but she's not letting that stop her

February 26, 2019

If you or someone you know has MS, then you know they want to keep it private. The fear that it could damage careers is real. It's a difficult disease for people to understand because symptoms are so varied and how it and shows up and progresses in one person is completely different than the next.

Selma Blair has been in an MS flare up since her son was born 7 years ago, but had absolutely no idea. And it wasn't for lack of trying to figure it out. She went to doctors but couldn't get anyone to take her seriously.

And as terrifying as it must be, she's allowing the world to see her in the middle of an MS exacerbation. She's feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The fact that Netflix is standing by her and not releasing her from the show, Another Life, is pretty extraordinary. She also gave an interview to Vanity Fair that you'll want to read.