So in love there's one thing Nicole & Keith NEVER do. But you do it every day.

June 27, 2018

It's hard to say what's the secret to a happy marriage. What works for some may not work for others but in general we all tend to agree that mutual love, respect and understanding is a good place to start.

After that when you get into the specifics it gets interesting because maybe someone has a pearl of wisdom that you could use.

Well, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrated 12 years of marriage this week and there's one thing they have never done in all the years they've known each other: they have never texted each other. Ever. They have a no texting rule.

Here's what she said in an interview with Parade:

We have our 12-year wedding anniversary tomorrow (June 25) and we’ve never texted. That is so not our relationship, which is interesting right? We call. We’ve done this since the very beginning. The reason it started at the beginning was because I didn’t know how to text [laughs> and it just kind of worked for us. So now we don’t. We just do voice to voice or skin to skin, as we always say. We talk all the time and we FaceTime but we just don’t text because I feel like texting can be misrepresentative at times. And I’ve had the thing where I reread texts and I’m like, “What does that mean?” and then read it to somebody and go “Can you interpret that?” I don’t want that between my lover and I.

I get what she means about text messages being a little confusing, but I can honestly say that has not happened in my relationship. Of course, we're texting things like "when are you leaving work" and "is there food in the house." Not so confusing.

But, she's right that when you really want to communicate you don't do it with a text and I think it's sweet that it's kind of sacred to them, that they always communicate with the voice. Personally, I don't feel even a little tempted to try it. It's too convenient a way to convey info to my husband when I absolutely don't have time to pick up the phone.

I suppose when you're a glamorous movie star and an international singer/songwriter, you can pause everyone around you so that you can make a very important phone call. Nicole goes on to say they don't really have a secret to success, it's just more about choosing to be with each other and having fun together.

By the way she gave us no hints on the storyline for Big Little Lies season 2 but looks like it won't be airing until 2019. Here's a sneak peak of Meryl as Nicole's character's mother-in-law.

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