TAKE THE POLL: Some people think Jason Momoa has a 'Dad Bod' now

July 11, 2019

Chris Hyde/Getty Images


Wouldn't you think on Jason's worst day he's still 20 times sexier than the average man?

But some are questioning his adonis status after a recent photo of him at the beach saying he looks like he's got a 'dad bod' now.

What else could you need on a holiday weekend? Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet vacationed in Venice and the photos are must see-- Tap the bio for more! (--: MEGA/AMA)

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If it helps you to have a little comparison photo take a look below. I see a difference, of course, but does your mind go straight to Dad bod? Mine does not. And I certainly wouldn't kick him off the couch for eatin' crackers!

#JasonMomoa ha sido criticado por no tener sus abs como en #Aquaman -- para mi sigue siendo perfecto -- ustedes que opinan ?

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Do you think Jason Momoa has a 'Dad Bod'?

No way! If I looked like that I'd never wear a shirt.
94% (17 votes)
Yes! He's obviously gone squidgy around the edges.
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 18