So what was the connection between Stevie Nicks and Prince?

November 1, 2018

She first met him at a Warner Brothers party and wasn't terribly impressed. He was very quiet (he wasn't yet famous) and she's quite the opposite so Stevie told him he was going to have to learn to get chattier with people.

Then a few years later she was driving to Santa Barbara to honeymoon with her (then husband) when she heard a song on the radio she really liked. Her husband said it was a Prince song, but she had already begun writing a melody in her head to the melody she was listening to on the radio. Stevie made her husband pull over so she could put pen to paper and capture what was going on in her mind.

She then told her new hubby they had to turn around and head to Sunset Recording Studios in LA and a demo of the song she wrote, Stand Back, was recorded that very day. But she needed Prince's approval since the song was completely inspired by his Little Red Corvette so she called him up, explained what happened and said she needed to play it for him. Twenty minutes later he was in the studio with her listening to the song and telling her that he loved it!

But you need to hear Stevie tell the full story herself. After the song she starts the story around the 7.00 minute mark. It's going to make you hope that things like that still happen today.