Sting or a big plate of BBQ?

Put your hands together!

February 21, 2017

A strange choice you're probably thinking, but keep reading and I promise it will make sense. You know that feeling when you wake up thinking the highlight of your day is going to be gorging yourself at The Salt Lick (which is awesome, btw, and if you're new to Austin and haven't been yet it's a must!) and then later on you find yourself at a hotel bar back in Austin having a drink with Sting? I know, RIGHT!!!!! His show on Sunday night at ACL was too incredible for words and chatting him up at the bar later was even better!

Yes, it is weird that I don't look more excited and I'm not really sure how to explain that except I had been drinking and hanging with one of my besties from college (makeup free, of course) and was doing my best just to keep it together! That's my gorgeous friend Karen who was in town visiting from NY giving me a reason to be at a hotel bar on a Sunday night. Love you, Gurl!