TAKE THE POLL: Do tomatoes belong in guacamole?

September 16, 2019

People are usually not middle of the road on this topic. They are either strongly for, or strongly against tomatoes in the guac and with good reason.

It completely changes the flavor profile and the texture. I am firmly anti-tomato and believe nothing should compete with the delicous creaminess of perfectly ripened avocados. I also don't support huge chunks of white onion in there. A bit of finely diced shallot or red onion is all it needs (green onion can be tasty if you have onion issues). Just remember the fine dice is important because a good guacomole is always creamy.

Then some cilantro, lime juice & salt and you're done! Although when my girlfriend is out of cilantro she makes a nice version with garlic powder, salt, lemon juice and a dash of worcestershire. Who knew!

But here's your chance to weigh in on this.

Do tomatoes belong in guacamole?

For sure! I love tomatoes in everything. They're the best!
57% (13 votes)
Absolutely not! If you add them you're telling the world what an amateur you are.
43% (10 votes)
Total votes: 23