Does NBC regret letting go of Tamron Hall and replacing her with Megyn Kelly?

October 26, 2018

You think Tamron Hall is walking around today thinking, "So, how do you like me now NBC?!" I'm sure you remember that she and Al Roker were hosting the 9am hour of The Today Show before NBC decided to let her go and hire Megyn Kelly for that time slot.

And the thing is, people loved that hour of television. So when Tamron was unceremoniously invited to leave the party on February 1, 2017, she left the building on that last day of her contract and didn't get to say goodbye on air.

It caught everyone off guard because the ratings were strong and while NBC said they wanted Tamron to stay on you can see why that didn't feel right for Tamron (who is a native Texan by the way). It was also awkard because Tamron was the first black female anhor on 'Today' and she was being replaced by someone who was no stranger to being accused of making offensive remarks to people of color.

So what has Tamron been up to? She's been keeping very busy.

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And she'll be returning to TV next fall with a syndicated daytime show that will air on ABC. The show will focus on bringing "real joy and laughter, as well as inspiration in the face of adversity – to audiences across the country."  So Tamron may be too busy living her best life to spend any time rehashing the past, but there are plenty of people who are.