There are great places to eat all over Austin, but this is why I'm obsessed with Honest Mary's

March 12, 2018

It's not everyday you come across a casual dining experience that makes you flip your lid. And if you struggle to eat healthy on the go, Honest Mary's might just become your latest obsession, too. A friend of mine recommended it and I can't stop going. I love to cook, but I'm taking a big break from that now.

This place has so many gorgeous fresh vegetables, I was overwhelmed when I first went in. You can build your own healthy bowl or choose one from their menu. I chose the Aloha Poke on my first visit since I was a little dizzy with all the choices, but by my second visit I was customizing like nobody's business. Beef with mushrooms, roasted carrots, black forbidden rice, pickled onions, goat cheese with a ginger chile Sriracha sauce. Heaven in my mouth! 

Plus the atmosphere is relaxing and uncluttered.

Not all seating is communal, they have plenty of tables and banquettes for you to choose from. Dine-in, take out, whatever works for you. So if you live or work near the Arboretum, you might want to check it out yourself. Whenever you go, you'll get a healthy, delicious meal that couldn't be more convenient! And if you'd like another look at my ahi tuna bowl have at it. I think I'm having it again for dinner tonight.

Check out all your delicious choices online right here. And let me know if you love it as much as I do! @julietonair

UPDATE: I did not go for the tuna again (tempting as it was). Instead I went for beef, forbidden rice, mushrooms, carmelized cauliflower, fresh jalapenos and goat cheese with the Lemon Garlic sauce. Scrumptious! Also including a list of their local partners in delicious food.