Today is Dedicated to Michael Shannon's Selfie Face.

January 19, 2018

Michael is a rare bird, a complex kaleidoscope of qualities. You may have heard him called peculiar, eccentric and off-beat. I think he's kind of a cross between, Willem Defoe, John Malkovich and a surfer dude. The other day some fans in New York asked if they could take selfies with him and he obliged --- with this face.


The look when you don't want to do something but know you should. Love it! Brilliant actor and taller than expected. #michaelshannon #12strong #theshapeofwater #wacountold

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And there's no way to tell if he's feeling delighted or annoyed because his face looks the same regardless, which I love. Asking someone famous for a selfie is just an awful thing to do. They don't want to and they get asked all the time. It's an intrusive interruption. Autographs are no better. Once I was having lunch with Alan Arkin at a restaurant in Santa Fe, and right when he was sharing something special and emotional about his work someone stepped over to our table with paper in hand and asked for his autograph. She was so aware of the disruption so she said, "It's your fault for being famous." Alan wordlessly signed what she gave him and as he handed the paper back, looked up at her and said, "I apologize."

If you're not that familiar with the magic of Michael Shannon, watch him talk about his first sex scene ever which was with Kim Basinger. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.