It's Been 15 Years Since Tom Cruise Jumped the Couch While Oprah Watched in Disbelief

May 29, 2020

Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images


It was cringeworthy to watch then and it's just as cringeworthy today. What's interesting to see in the re-watch is that the studio audience is totally into it and he's probably feeding off their energy than we knew.

Still, he just can't sit still and has trouble getting out a full sentence -- which is pretty much all these actors are required to do in an interview. Can't remember if this was before or after he called Matt Lauer 'glib' and provoked Brooke Shields ire by trashing anti-depressants in the same interview. That's when we all found out exactly how important the job of the publicist actually is because Tom Cruise fired his and we all sat back and watched him unleashed in our own haze of disbelief. Ah, the good ole days.