The battle between Tom Petty’s widow and daughters over his estate just got ugly

April 2, 2019

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Money does this to people, even when they share all the same DNA. That is not the case here – when Tom married Dana York in 2001 he already had daughters Adria and Annakim from his previous marriage with Jane Benyo.

So it seems like Tom left Dana to manage his estate, but also left room for input from his daughters and the three women are not playing nice when it comes to key decisions like releasing new music. Dana says Adria is not acting rationally and wants the court to appoint a day to day manager to help things run smoothly; and Adria says Dana isn’t complying with some specific wishes in Tom’s will and wants the court to fix that. You can read more about it here.

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images