This video of Chester Bennington 36 hrs before his death will make you cry

September 21, 2017

I've heard him described as "such a happy, fun guy." When Chester Bennington took his own life at his home on July 20th of this year, everyone was stunned -- even those closest to him. He had always been open regarding his struggles with addiction and depression but had seemed fine. In recent months he tweeted about 'feeling very creative' and writing half a dozen new songs. Were there warning signs that were missed?



With pictures and videos like this it seems like he kept the struggles he was having all to himself. How do you help to battle depressive, suicidal thoughts in your loved one when you can't even see them? How brave of Talinda Bennington to share these personal images of her husband & family so we may all have deeper insight into this illness.

Here's Linkin Park's just released final music video with Chester.