Watching Ethan Hawke tell how an actor collapsed and died on stage will make you laugh. Seriously.

June 6, 2018

Whenever I see clips of famous people on The Graham Norton Show they always seem like they're having the best time ever. Maybe it's the alcohol. Maybe it's the fact that he has 3 or 4 guests on at the same time with each other. Maybe it's both.

Ethan Hawke told this true story about working on Broadway with a much older than him actor, Richard Easton, and how on this particular night he knew that Richard was having a heart attack in the middle of a scene before he collapsed dead on stage. Sounds morbid, I know, but give it a minute and I promise you'll laugh loudly.

Isn't Ethan Hawke a great storyteller? How did we not know this? And you gotta love Toni Collette's reactions. If you think you don't know Richard Easton, you do. He's done tons of stuff including Revolutionary Road, Dead Again (which I really need to watch again) and Finding Forrester to name just a few.

Here's a brief shot of him in Finding Forrester. Fast forward to the 2:08 mark if you're pressed for time and you'll say, 'Oh, that's him.'

Now if you're still in the mood for some more Ethan Hawke storytelling, take a look at him on The Late Show the other night. This story about his insceurity as an actor is a jewel. No matter what your field of focus if you have ever asked yourself, when am I expert enough, you'll like this one.