We know Greta Gerwig didn't love 'I Feel Pretty' cuz the girl watching behind her live tweeted her comments

May 11, 2018

This is one thing that must suck about being well known. You can't just joke around with your friends in a near empty movie theater without someone taking an active interest. Greta went to a showing of Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty, and shared her thoughts and reactions with her friends while watching. Many are probably the very same reactions you had, if you made it to the theater for this one. But I'm guessing you didn't because I don't know anyone who has seen it.

Of course, famous people have the right to enjoy themselves watching a movie without feeling like they're on display so I feel for Greta in this scenario. But it also gives us the chance to know Greta a little more intimately than we ever could. And after reading these live tweets, I'm sure you and I would be besties with Greta if we ever got to know her in real life.