This is what Alicia Keys did to Shock Kelly on The Voice

March 6, 2018

Last night Alicia did something so unexpected it left everyone speechless, especially the judges. Then Kelly surprised us even more by making us laugh out loud with her reaction. It happened right after Johnny Bliss gave an incredible performance in Spanish. All the judges wanted him and, sadly, Adam blocked Kelly. Otherwise I think Johnny would have picked her! But here's what Alicia did to prove to him just how much she wanted to be his coach.

It's just as amazing to watch the second time! And, as you might expect Johnny did pick Alicia to be his coach. Adam was super bummed; he used his only block against Kelly for him but it clearly wasn't meant to be. If you're not watching this season you're missing out on lots of moments like these. The judges are hilariously competitive and Kelly Clarkson has taken the fun to a whole new leve. More blind auditions are happening tonight so head straight home after work if you forgot to set the DVR!