What does the shape of your diamond say about your personality?

June 13, 2018

Have you noticed celebs getting engaged lately seem to prefer one diamond shape over all the others? You might have thought it was the new trend, but maybe they're just gravitating toward the shape of stone that best expresses who they are.

So what does the shape of your stone say about you?

If you went for Round, that is the most popular shape. Experts will tell you round stones have the most sparkle and that's exactly the point, isn't it. Aside from that a round stone is classic in nature and so is the woman who wears it. She might also be described as ernest and sincere.

Princess cut is second most popular and the wearer is said to be smart and joyful. 

Emerald and rirangle cuts don't sparkle in the traditional way so those who choose these might be more into design and not afraid of taking risks.

Cushion cut is a terrific happy medium between Round and Princess. It's risen in popularity pretty steadily over the years and someone drawn to this stone is said to be courageous and reliable.

Marquis and Pear shaped stones are about as fancy as they get (excluding heart shapes, and I am). Think of someone you know who wears one of these stones. Does she like being the center of attention? Is she more outgoing, even flamboyant than your other friends? These women are naturally more daring.

The Oval shape, they say, can have as many facets as a brilliant round stone, but you are always going to see at least a small bow-tie in the center of the stone. If you can get past this you're probably a sophisticated woman who values things that are unique.

Which one is your fave and do you feel it represents who you are?