What would you do if you made $96,000 a month? Ask Frances Bean.

September 28, 2017

She's 25 years old and is finalizing her divorce from musician, Isaiah Silva. They married in 2014 and I know what you are thinking -- you're shocked their young love didn't last longer. Public court documents mean we're getting an inside peek at her finances so get ready to get green with envy. Without getting out of bed, Frances makes $95,496 a month from her father's publicity rights and $6,784 a month in dividends. That's a cool $1.2 million a year and she literally never has to get off the couch.

But apparently she gets stuck on the tarmac just like the rest of us.



I have two words for her -- Net Jets. Now get ready for the really cringeworthy part. Frances listed her monthly expenditures at $206,000 per month. Not exactly frugal with Daddy's money. Now I'm thinking that includes the mortgage on her property worth $4.5 million but still, that's a lot of money out the door each month.

Her needs seem simple enough.




Clearly there's more going on than meets the eye. I'd love to know what a typical day looks like for her, wouldn't you? Because if I was getting money dropped into my account every month like that, I'd be like Peter Gibbons in Office Space. I would do absolutely nothing and see if it was everything I thought it could be.