What's THE best thing about living in Austin?

February 15, 2017

What's the best city to call home in America? Well, if you believe U.S. News & World Report (or you live here) the answer is Austin, Texas! While most Austinites will agree immediately, they might not agree on the one thing they love best about The Live Music Capital of the World. Here's a short list of some of the things people will blurt out when you ask, 'So what's so great about living in Austin?'

BREAKFAST TACOS - Or more specifically Torchy's. First time visitors are usually immediately enamored of the breakfast taco and wonder why they haven't been eating them for years.

SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST - This is how a lot of first-timers discover the city (and also the breakfast taco). The entergy that's created downtown during SXSW is something that's impossible to explain. Suffice it to say it's akin to the feeling that anything is possible if only you focus your energies on making it happen.

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS - You never know who you're going to see walking around town, or enjoying the live music show next to you, or ordering from the food truck in line after you.

SUNSHINE- I mean lots and lots of sunshine! So much that until recently Austin was in a droubt for the better part of a decade. No snowstorms. Ever.

THE FOOD - And not just the trucks. The restaurants are amazing. There's no shortage of delicious places to enjoy with your friends or family.

VIEWS FROM THE 360 BRIDGE - They. Are. Amazing. And, incidentally, I get to enjoy them every single day because they are on my daily commute. That's a thin slice of heaven right here on Earth.


THE STATE CAPITAL IS A WORK OF ART - Seriously beautiful. It's so beautiful my husband wanted us to get married there, but the priest said no.

GORGEOUS PINK SUNSETS - Nothin' like a stunning pink sunset on the horizon while you're kicking back at the end of a long, hard workday with a margarita in your hand. Ahhhhhhh.

THE PEOPLE - Seems like everywhere you go, you'll meet someone who's doing something fun and interesting with their life: writers, filmmakers, actors, artists, musicians, designers, social media gurus, fitness gurus, etc. The city is chocker block full of creative people who will inspire you to express that which is unique to you.

If you've never been, please do come for a visit. But, since traffic in Austin is just hell on Earth, please don't move here. We are full up. Thanks so much for understanding.