Where is the best place to hide gifts?

Here are 3 of the best choices.

December 8, 2017

Nine out of ten parents will hide gifts from their children this year and the spot you used last year might not be the best one this year. The most popular places to hide gifts are the top of the closet and under the bed. But just because they're popular doesn't make them the best choice! In fact, maybe that's reason enough not to choose one because it's the first place kids are likely to look. So what might be a better choice:

1. In the garage. Most kids don't have a lot of reason to be lurking inside a cold garage and putting them in a container way up high makes them much harder to find.

2. Kitchen cupboard. This is a great choice especially if you have a spot where you store things kids never want, like pots, pans and cooking trays.

3. At the office. This one is my favorite choice because it's absolutely foolproof. There's no way they'll find them at the office because they don't have regular access and even if you do take them with you for a quick errand, they're always in sight.

If no one looks in the trunk, you could leave them in the car, sometimes a locked suitcase can be a good choice and then there's always leaving them at your sister's place. Now when it comes to hiding your spouse's present that's more difficult. And you do want to be careful because half of women and one-third of men admit to searching high and low for their own gifts!