TAKE THE POLL: Who would win if Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber fought UFC style?

Bieber challenged Cruise and the world seemed to laugh out loud.

June 10, 2019

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When I saw this on twitter I thought it was a joke, of course. And I thought any moment now we're all going to learn that Justin Bieber's account was hacked and someone played a prank on him. But here we are in the clear light of day and no such statement has been issued.

Which got me thinking --- if such a matchup DID happen, who would be the victor? Most people had an instant reaction. What do you think?

Who would win if Tom and Justin fought in the octagon?

Tom would totally crush him
95% (21 votes)
Justin, for sure.
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 22

And in case you missed it, here's where the Biebs threw down the gauntlet. Though I'm pretty sure wherever Tom Cruise is, he can't stop laughing.