This is why Jon Bon Jovi was the last guy to use social media

January 17, 2018

He says Fred Flintstone had social media before he did. Last night Colbert asked him how that could be, because surely his kids pushed him into using social media. But it was quite the opposite.

This is the first post on Jon Bon Jovi's twitter account, but it probably wasn't the real first one because last night on Colbert he confessed that his kids pushed him off social media. As soon as he posted a picture of himself and his producer in the studio, his sons called to warn him that he had just revealed his exact location of where they were recording on Broadway! He says his kids took his phone but away I bet he either learned a trick or two, or just put his account in the hands of someone social media savvy.

He's rather proud of his late to the party status and the reason he didn't bother with social media before is that he just doesn't care! You gotta love a guy who's got priorities. And great hair. And a body to go with it. We haven't even gotten to his voice yet.

If you missed his appearance on Colbert last night you can watch it now. And set your DVR tonight because he's coming back, with the band this time.