Would you get married on a Tuesday? She did.

February 15, 2018

I'm always so impressed when anyone famous is able to get married in secret. It seems to be such a difficult thing to do in the Hollywood world. And nobody saw this one coming. It helped that she got married on a Tuesday, but still.

A post shared by @amyschumer on

A post shared by @amyschumer on

She really shared a lot of pictures with us and I love that one of Jennifer Lawrence giving Amy a kiss on the cheek. Chelsea Handler, Larry David, David Spade, Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal were among the wedding guests which was held at a private home in Malibu, rented specially for the occasion. And guess what her new husband does for a living? He's a chef! A really good one, too, because he won the James Beard Award in 2016. Handsome and he can cook. Color me jealous. (If a genie ever offers me 3 wishes, one of them will be to have my husband love cooking for me). Chris Fischer (that's his name) also runs his family's farm in Martha's Vineyard. I'm not sure how they met, but the rumor is that Chris' sister is Amy's personal assistant. If so, that's really ideal. She knows her brother well (obviously) and I'll bet knows Amy even better. A close friend of mine is a personal assistant to someone who's super rich and I've learned that's really how you get to know what a person is all about. So she's the one to know if it's a good match.

No word on the honeymood destination, but if you had Amy's money wouldn't  you go someplace gorgeous and far away? Like Mauritius?!

Le Morne Beach on Mauritius Island